Release Notes

These updates announce new features, enhancements, and some bug fixes that have been completed with recent releases of the CPS software.

The issues in the release notes are organized by product. Some products will not appear in the list because they did not receive a notable update.

CPS continually improves upon the products, but only significant updates are described in release notes.

February 2019

Release Notes, v3.90: published 2/11/19

New Features

• StarterHut Mobile (224039): Added a new report: Player Frequency Summary by Day

• StarterHut Mobile (224043): Created caddie management module with evaluations and reports

• Lesson Book V3 (197603): Added a Custom CSS option for changing the look and colors

• Online Billing (226062): Time zones can now be recorded for payments

• POS Express V3 (202921): Added receipt printing for a deleted tab

• POS Express V3 (183952): Added security prevents manual editing of gift card expiration dates

• POS Express V3 (155149): ACH now accepted for online payment under Linked 2 Pay

• StarterHut v3 (229233): Added Gallus Golf integration for golfer check-ins

• StarterHut v3 (170987): A new function for PriSwing connects to current tee sheet prices


• Credit Cards 2016 (229939): POS-to-CCM time-out length shortened to 1 minute

• Credit Cards 2016 (228425): Added a swipe on the sales screen to finalize sale

• Credit Cards 2016 (229496): Added “credit card on file” to StarterHut PAX transactions

• Credit Cards 2016 (225123): Enhanced PAX split payments process

• Credit Cards 2016 (228702): Renaming a tab will retain the credit card on file

• Online Billing (226051): Ledger recalculates after receiving an online payment

• Online Res v4 (224352): Removed the delete option from buddy management when “Auto Add Buddy by Class” is enabled

• Online Res v4 (232337): Added function to add rate code automatically via third-party booking

• Online Res v4 (229215): Added option to return deposits for tee times cancelled X hours in advance

• Online Res v4 (232411): Email field removed from credit card information screen

• Online Res v4 (206722): Added field customization to Subscribe form under Validate Data Entry menu

• Online Res v4 (206721): Applied responsive format to the Subscribe page

• Online Res v4 (222214): Added percentage saved compared to a tee time’s reference rate

• Online Res v4 (229492): Removed course menu from header when in widget view

• Online Res v4 (233010): Checkout screen now displays applied coupon code


• POS Express V3 (192222): Sales Lookup displays information for the terminal’s assigned store

• POS Express V3 (232090): Corrected event tracking to the Inventory Item Edit Log

• POS Express V3 (233143): Added Unclosed Date field to improve the Unclosed Sales Report

• POS Express V3 (180917): Simplified the display of loyalty points on receipts

• POS Express V3 (207083): Reduced receipt length for Shift4 EMV Response

• POS Express V3 (227707): Removed Apply Partial feature from Loyalty Dollar Discount Program

• POS Express V3 (219764): Enhanced the charge limit on the member ledger

• POS Express V3 (226224): Enabled a point reset option that maintains loyalty level

• Reports (202999): Created a new custom member report

• Reports (182646): Enhanced the Transaction Details by Pay Method report

• Reports (228250): Fixed Sales Transactions Reports to show both Tips Column and Sales Notes

• StarterHut v3 (152975): Increased maximum hours for sending email reminders

• StarterHut v3 (225593): Enhancement Rainout Rounds Report to show rainouts for date range

• StarterHut v3 (224942): Enhanced fields and labeling on Group Reservation Report

• StarterHut v3 (222217): Added option to disable walk-in bookings

• StarterHut v3 (233790): Do not update third-party bookings when adjusting rates

• StarterHut v3 (223567): Added copy/paste warning between 9-hole and 18-hole tee times

• StarterHut v3 (196628): Added ability to schedule Forecast by Rate Detail report


• CPS Credit Card Processing (231740): Resolved a possible issue with partial authorization on PAX Px5 devices

• CPS Credit Card Processing (223494): Resolved an issue where split merchant accounts were being charged incorrectly

• Credit Card Module (228494): Resolved an issue with voids using Shift 4 and CPS Air

• Credit Card Module (227569): Resolved an issue when returning deposits using Shift 4.

• Food & Beverage (230282): Fixed the Settings screen under Food and Beverage where some global options were getting cut off.

• And other minor bug fixes


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