v3.84: 2018-10-17

October 2018

Release Notes, v3.84: published 10/17/18

New Features

  • Online Res v4: Packages now include golf cart rentals
  • Online Res v4: New coupon/promo field on checkout screen
  • StarterHut v3: Golf Genius integration


  • Customer: Search customers by phone number
  • Credit Cards: Swipe a credit card to save tab
  • Online Res v4: New player dropdown menu on group bookings
  • POS v3: New popup message confirms email receipt delivery
  • POS v3: Enhanced guest tracking feature
  • POS v3: Apply rain checks to Smart Cards
  • POS v3: Inventory items save without a description
  • POS v3: Add a credit card on file from the sales screen
  • Web Store 3.0: Credit card purchases require the name on the card


  • F&B: Fixed error with receipt button causing missed items on slip
  • POS v3: Improved sale process with multiple merchants during split payment
  • POS v3: Fixed error when editing a prepaid amount during split payment
  • StarterHut Mobile: Improved the move and paste functions
  • StarterHut Mobile: Improved the date picker controls
  • Web Store 3.0: No longer displays gray box after deleting a credit card