CPS Air v3.84: 2018-12-20

December 2018

Release Notes, CPS AIR v3.84: published 12/20/18

New Features

• CPS Air (190122): Tips can now be disabled on a per terminal basis

• CPS Air (192245): Added tax breakout to receipts

• CPS Air (205223): Added ability to modify a Sales modifier

• CPS Air (206589): Added Sales support for priced modifier roll up charges


• CPS Air (191175): Enhanced keyboard to display automatically when adding a new customer

• CPS Air (191524): Redesigned customer search box

• CPS Air (193087): Added option for manager’s approval PIN during inventory check-in

• CPS Air (193775): Added a store code prompt when iPad connects to a database that has store codes enabled

• CPS Air (193886): Speed improvements when adding items to a check

• CPS Air (197883): Optimized speed of opening PIN pad from idle state

• CPS Air (201692): Starter Hut daily deals (i.e., special price, discount price) are now supported

• CPS Air (205126): Added receipt prompt for return transactions

• CPS Air (205581): Increased the note space on the sale lookup screen

• CPS Air (207310): Added support for iPad Pro 10.5, iPad Pro 11, and iPad Pro 12.9 screen sizes

• CPS Air (208199): Tournament payout items are now issued on credit book

• CPS Air (219937): Enhanced Starter Hut tee sheet to support both 12-hour and 24-hour time

• CPS Air (225919): Added package support

• CPS Air (226720): Added a no-show indicator to Starter Hut


• CPS Air (196984): Optimized how tabs work in Beverage Cart Mode

• CPS Air (201454): Retooled the Beverage Cart Daily Inventory Report

• CPS Air (202881): Fixed discounts to prevent sales below cost

• CPS Air (205119): Limited tier pricing to not exceed the maximum discount option

• CPS Air (205225): Fixed an issue with navigating between modifier questions

• CPS Air (207298): Optimized tab retrieval in Beverage Cart Mode

• CPS Air (219839): Fixed how the discount amount displays under Sale Lookup

• CPS Air (219930): Tip adjustments in POS Express now display correctly in CPS Air