Ongoing Support and Training

The following describes the various contact methods for support and how our support and training works. Starting with a quick list of significant phone numbers and information in the table below, you can then read on to gain more information on each one and even more information on what goes into our support.


Regular support office hours

8 am to 7 pm ET
Monday - Friday

Phone support



Internation: +31 20 450 99 81

From 9:00 to 21:00, Central European Time, or press the pager option.


Emergency support options - This is 24/7 emergency support available at no additional cost with a guaranteed 15-minute call back in non-office hours.


Email support

EU customers:

Chat support

From our home page at, in the lower-right corner of the page, you can chat with one of our support agents if the chat is available.

     Self-help options

Online Help

Video Library

System Status

Overview of our Support

Club Prophet offers 24/7 telephone and Internet support.  Upon system acceptance, Club Prophet will provide technical support via telephone, email, Internet, and PC remote access to personnel at the course.  The toll-free number dedicated to support only is 1-888-793-4333.  Calls can also be forwarded to the support desk through our administrative office number at 1-800-793-1872.  A fully-staffed help desk is available from 7:45 am to 7 pm EST Mon-Fri. and 24/7 emergency support available at no additional cost with a guaranteed 15-minute call back in non-office hours. Other methods to get help are through a Chat Box located in the lower-right corner of our website, or if you’d like to type out your issue and email it to us, that can be sent to

Our support department responds immediately to incoming calls during the office hours listed above.  We do not have an automated answering service or call queue system.  That means when you call, a technician answers the phone under normal operating procedures.  During non-office hours, pages are returned within 15-minutes.  The support contract or monthly service fee covers Club Prophet software issues related to the client’s day-to-day operations, troubleshooting of peripherals purchased from Club Prophet, and essential maintenance of the SQL Server database. Club Prophet requires some type of remote access to your PCs utilizing CPS within the course network.  We are flexible but prefer to use Bomgar remote desktop, and Club Prophet agrees to only use this remote access for support purposes.

Support call escalation process

Every call to our dedicated help desk line (888-793-4333) is logged into a support database for analysis and customer service management.  This means that when a customer contacts support, a “ticket” is opened for whatever reason.  The ticket has an ID number and a call center technician associated with it.  Any additional calls and activity about the ticket are logged and time-stamped along the way until the ticket is closed.  Customer service management is constantly reviewing “open tickets” to provide suggestions and solutions.  If a ticket remains “open” and is deemed unsolvable by the support department, it is escalated to second-level support.  If, after a similar process, it is considered unsolvable by second-level support, it is escalated to our programming department until resolved.  With well over a decade in the industry, we find that every issue has a resolution, even if that resolution is that we add a new feature or enhancement if needed. We even consider adding new features that you suggest.

Free Upgrades

One of the primary components of the support agreement is software updates/upgrades.  Club Prophet releases updates to existing versions quarterly and offers complete platform upgrades as they become available.  The time frame on full version upgrades has varied over the years but is typically every 2.5 years.  Both upgrades and updates are available via secure website access.  Upgrades and updates are a compilation of enhancement requests and bug fixes driven by feedback from the field.  Obviously, bug fixes are prioritized before enhancements.  However, every enhancement is taken under consideration and logged into our web-based development tracking utility.  Each enhancement is prioritized in the tracking software based on its initial merit and ability to resolve operational issues for other customers in the field.

Self-Help Options

Other 24/7 support is our online help and our YouTube training channel if you like learning on your own!

Online Help

You can access the online documentation from within the CPS software, within CPS Air, and within your browser here: which contains tons of information.

Video library

Our video training library, Club Prophet iLearn, conveniently located on YouTube, includes playlists of subjects such as “How to Train your Employees” and other individual videos that show great details on specific processes using our software.

System Status

Also available 24/7 is our system status page. Want to know if a process, like credit card systems, is down? Go to our System Status page here>>

Research and Development

Research and development have continued to be a focus of Club Prophet over the years.  We have an extensive development team dedicated to future software projects full-time.  Since the beginning of 1992, Club Prophet has made significant technological enhancements to the products, including the database migration from Microsoft Access (MDB) to Microsoft SQL Server and a design migration from Access/VBA to Microsoft .NET.  These enhancements have allowed for increased stability, scalability, performance, and ease of deployment.  Club Prophet intends to continue to make technological enhancements to its products as new tools are available.


We also listen to you and consider your enhancement suggestions. If you have a special enhancement request, we will carefully consider it and price it out to you; click here to submit a suggestion for our software that will make your life easier!