Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Set Up Quick Sale Buttons?

From POS Express, go to Tool >> Options >> Sales Options >> Quick Sales Button Setup. Select the terminal with the name of the iPad. At the bottom of the screen, select the Add button and use the options to customize how your Quick Sale buttons will look. You can choose colors and upload images to make buttons easier to find and recognize. To use the same Quick Sale buttons on another iPad, select the option to copy the buttons to another terminal. To see more information, see Setting up CPS Air>>

How Do I Find a Customer Before Processing a Sale?

From the Sale Panel, go to the top right corner and touch the box under the Sale ID number, where "A Cash Account" displays by default. The Customer Lookup window will open. You can enter the customer's first or last name to search for and select the account. Once you select the customer, the name will display under the Sale ID number. For new customers, you can add them. See more: Add a Customer Account.

How Do I Set Up a Beverage Cart with Inventory?

From POS Express, go to Tools >> Options >> Security >> User Rules.

The Check In/Out Inventory option will allow you to set the inventory items to be sold. The Check Out Inventory Approval option will allow you to set the supervisor who will review the beverage cart for checked out inventory. See more: Check In, Check Out Inventory.


The screen is hard to read. How can I make it look better?

CPS TV offers two color options: a Light mode and a Dark mode. Under the tvOS Setting in POS Express, select the color mode based on the setting of the television. The Light screen mode will make text and images be visible in bright light. In a dim room, the Dark screen mode will make the screen easier to read. See more: Optimal Screen Settings.