Checking out items for your Bev Cart using CPS Air

CPS Air equips an iPad to be a mobile terminal for selling items on a beverage cart or any other location. To begin, an employee will select inventory items and gain manager approval. At closing, the manager will need to approve the quantities of any unsold inventory.

To check out items from Inventory

  1. Select the  the Hamburger menu , and select Inventory. The Inventory screen displays.

    Note: The left side will show available inventory after you search by keyword and/or category. The right side shows the items you will select to be checked out.

  2. Use the Product description search field or category drop-down menu at the top left to find and select inventory items to be checked out. The item and quantity displays to the right.

  3. Select the item name. A pop-up box displays with a plus and minus sign.

  4. Use the plus sugn + or select the top field to enter the quantity you need to check out.

  5. Select OK. The items displays to the right.

Tip: Select the Save List button at the bottom of the screen and enter a name for this list to save it if this is a common list. The Saved List feature is a time-saver if you tend to check out the same inventory items and quantities repeatedly. The next time you log in under your PIN and check out inventory use the Saved Lists drop-down menu loads a set of saved inventory items.

  1. When you are finished, select the Check Out button.

Note: Typically, you need approval from a manager to continue. And so at this time you would need to get the iPad to a manager for approval, who needs to have been setup with a PIN to approve inventory.

  1. The manager selects the circle to the right of each item under the Approve column.

  2. When finished, the manager taps the Approve button. The PIN pad displays.

  3. The manager enters a PIN for approval and selects OK. The iPad is in Beverage Cart Mode which is shown with a blue cart in the top-left corner of the screen, and the employee can now sell only sell checked-out inventory while in Beverage Cart Mode.

The Bev Cart Mode icon:

Note: The employee follows a similar process to return unsold items, check in the inventory, and receive manager approval. To learn how to check in items, jump here>>


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