How to use the Gallus app with Club Prophet


Gallus is an application that works on both Android and iOS, and also is available in a web-based form for a limited time at no cost to your customers. This app can be integrated with Club Prophet’s Online Reservation (v4). The golfers will be prompted to download the app via a change in your email template, and there will be some setup requirements as well as an update to the customer’s Club Prophet software. Club Prophet will need access to their servers in order to get the API keys, and also perform updates on the Admin side. You will be prepared by the Revenue Team to be updated to version 3.92.7394.2206 or higher.

Setting up to use Gallus

Once a web-based URL is created for your course, and your email templates are set up with the URL in the template, the reminder template, and the confirmation template, self-check-in from the email can happen.

  1. Go to Starter Hut | Admin | Course Information | select your course, and select All Stores from the Gallus Check In Store Code drop-down field, and save the changes.


  1. Set the default online payment terminal for the store code in Tools | Options | Reference Tables | Store Information and save the changes.

  2. If you are using just the Gallus app, then Gallus spins up the app, turns on the mobile check-in, and communication happens between you, the customer, and Gallus (not Club Prophet) directly on how that works.

Note: The web-based Gallus feature doesn’t have a share feature as the app does; the Gallus app, when you pull up a reservation, allows you to share it.

How the Gallus web-based (and app) feature works

  1. Go to the URL or open the app and log in using the Club Prophet username and password:


Tip: Check Stay logged in to stay logged in and not have to enter your user name and password on this device.

  1. Select a tee time to book. The Select Players and Holes screen displays.

  2. Select the number of players you want to book.

  3. Select Next. The Club Prophet Login screen displays.

  4. Enter your Club Prophet email and password. [Note: This was previously created as a customer, member, or walk-in OR you can create an account now by selecting Create Account.]

  5. Select Sign in.

    Tip: The first time a golfer checks in through Gallus, they MUST add a credit card. Make sure SAVE this INFO is checked.

        The check out screen displays:


  1. Select the number of Riders from the blocks.

    Warning: The riders - when you add riders in the above screen and then you add a cart, the software assumes that player 1 is taking the cart, not any other player - so Club Prophet needs to make changes for this to happen. Right now, a cart is added to a reservation, not a specific player.


    Note: Depending on how you set your rates is whether a full or a half cart will be used.


  2. You can add the names of all the players into the Player fields of this screen, but it is not necessary.

  3. Scroll to the bottom to see the prices listed.

  4. Select Next to book this reservation.

    This places this reservation in the Start Hut’s tee sheet and the URL is sent in the email confirmation.


    Note: You can search for the reservation after it has been made or log back in using the same email and password for Club Prophet (that is a single sign-on, API), or use the URL in the email to open up the reservation. Remember, if you selected the Stay logged in checkbox, you will go right to the reservation without having to log in again.


To check-in using the Gallus web-based system

  1. After you have searched for the reservation (see NOTE above), select CHECK IN below the reservation time.

Note: By default, the Gallus URL is a 24-hour window for you to change it. Club Prophet cannot control that. If the customer needs to change the window of time, Gallus needs to be contacted for that change.


Example: At this (pre) CHECK IN screen, you can see that the cart is included in the rate:

  1. Select the players to check out.

  2. Select the CHECK OUT button. The CHECK OUT screen displays.



Note: The rates are pulled directly from the Starter Hut rate set up, and the screen shows the correct items.


  1. Select PAY NOW. The PAYMENT screen displays the credit card fields.

    Tip: The Club Prophet’s Rev Team is recommending that the courses go with just one rate at this time. Some facilities are creating a new course so it doesn’t affect their normal rates with different intervals and then they are copying them over from tee sheet to tee sheet.

  1. After the credit card information is entered, make sure you select Save Credit Card to save you from entering the information again, then select SUBMIT. The Gallus app talks to Club Prophet’s CCM and posts the charge through Club Prophet, using TSYS or whatever credit card system the course is using and puts a sale into Club Prophet.

    Note: The card will also be saved to the Club Prophet side so that the credit cards will be available on all machines that use CCM. And reversely, if the golfer has a credit card on file, it will be available in the above screen so that it can be used immediately. Also, the Start Hut tee sheet will display this as paid.


For a complete and current list of FAQs, jump here>>

Question: If a customer books online and PAYS in advance for a tee time seven days from now, what days sales reports will reflect that charge?
Answer: It posts the sale on the day/time that your customer pays, that is to say, it is realtime.  If you want sales reported on the same day, we suggest having Gallus change the check-in time to four or five hours before the tee time.

Question: How does a round of golf and payment reconcile?
Answer: The sale is posted to Club Prophet as a normal sale would.  Transactions hit the credit card Merchant Identification (MID) that was sent to Gallus.  The customer can view the sale from the tee sheet or run reports on the terminal they have set for online payments.

Question: If that customer books a round of golf at a dynamic or posted rate, but they are a senior player or a class of player that has a discounted rate, will the precheck site show the lower price? 
Answer: However the rate is showing in Club Prophet is the price the customer will pay when they select CHECK IN. So as long as rates are configured with the proper pricing, check-in will show the correct price.

Question: If that player has a loyalty-eligible profile, will they receive loyalty points as they would with a normal face-to-face interaction?
Answer: If their name is on the reservation, they will receive loyalty.

Question: Is there a way to get a payment receipt emailed to each player when they pay so they have something to show us that confirms their payment?
Answer: We are working on this feature, but right now, we don't have an email receipt trigger when checking in.

For a complete and current list of FAQs, jump here>>