Online Billing Overview

With Online Billing, your customers go to a web address, which you provide, to log in and manage bills. They view the balance of ledgers, prepaid accounts, smart cards, credit books, and loyalty points. Customers can also make a payment online.


Sales record details are available at a click. If a customer has a question, a billing inquiry can be made immediately via an email that will automatically include a reference to the specific sale number and customer account in question.

The CPS Online Billing module will help your accounting tasks go smoothly.


Set Up Your Online Billing Website

Upon installation, Club Prophet support agents will configure your module and give you a website address for the Online Billing login screen.

Your administrative login allows you access to controls that customize your facility’s login page along with the rest of the Online Billing module.

You will distribute the same website address to customers so they can access statements and make payments.


The following links below lead to a brief overview of that element which then links to further details to help you set up your online billing website:

What Can I Customize?

Log in with the administrative credentials to access the following options:

Custom CSS

The term CSS stands for “cascading style sheet” and controls the website’s visual design. This section allows you to adjust the look by changing the font style and color scheme. You may simply keep the default settings. It is not necessary to make any changes in the Custom CSS section.

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This section enables you to send email messages to customers who use the Online Billing system. Club Prophet Systems provides an SMTP mail server, but you may override the default settings if you wish to use your facility’s own SMTP server.

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This section controls which data fields display on monthly statements. Many fields are available, such as loyalty point balances, aging, notes, etc. Importantly, this section also controls the Payment Options and provides the fields for configuring how to process ACH and credit card payments.

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It is important to review this section before distributing the Online Billing link to your customers. The Web section controls what displays on Online Billing web pages.

You can add your facility’s logo and a welcome message or instructions. You can customize error messages. Set whether a customer logs in with an account number, email address, or user name.

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