Require Card-on-File for Online Reservation v5

With the 3.96 release, you can now set up Online Res v5 to require a credit card to complete a reservation. This new feature would require your customer to add a credit card on file before being able to finalize the reservation. Their credit card would not be charged, but only be required to add it on file to their online account before they could reserve a tee time.


To set up to require a credit card

  1. Go to your Online Res v5 site and log on as Admin.

  2. On the left-hand side, near the bottom of the list, select Payment. The Payment option drops to reveal a list.

  3. From this list, select General Payment Settings.

  4. In the screen to the right, select the checkbox to the far right of Require a Credit card on file for new account registration.

  5. Select Save. The change takes effect immediately.