Overview of the Power BI Reports

CPS Executive Reports v4 – Power BI

Power Business Intelligence, Power BI , or PBI is a reporting tool from Microsoft. This tool combined with the reports generated from Club Prophet's software offer a much deeper look at your data. The revenue-type reports and data from Club Prophet are pulled into the Microsoft reporting tool via an API and are accessible through a browser such as Chrome by using your own secure login.

The tool helps you to drill-down into specific areas to allow you to further analysis your revenue especially in areas of the golf industry standards of revenue: Merchandise, F&B, Membership, Golf, Carts, Range, and Lessons. It does this through the use of visuals. Each screen has multiple filters, reports, graphs that help to tell an interactive story; those entities are called visuals.

Note: Samples are using demo data and do not reflect real world data.

CPS – Revenue Reports

CPS-Revenue are a group of reports related to revenue generated at your facility.

To get to this group of reports, select or hover your mouse over this bar chart icon in the top left of the screen:

This will open the Menu Selection bar where you can select CPS-Revenue to access the revenue reports.

Note: The tabs across the bottom of the screen open to a different revenue report. On the left side, the arrows scroll to more reports.

The following reports are reviewed:


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