Currency symbol support

Add the ability for the customer to select the currency symbol to be displayed in Online Res v5 by adding a new Online Option called Currency Display, a drop-down that lists currencies in the 3.102 version.


If you make a change, your new currency symbol applies to the tee time cells, price summary table, credit card refund/charge screen, and any other areas where a price is displayed with a currency symbol.


To change the currency symbol on your Online Res v5 site

  1. Go to the Online Options site and log in as an admin or with permissions.  

  2. From the Main menu, go to  Starterhut | Online Booking | Display | Site Configuration. The Site Configuration screen displays.

    Note: The default currency is USD.

  1. Select the  Currency Display drop-down menu and scroll up or down until you find and select your desired currency.


  1. When you are done, select Save in the lower right corner.