Information cell in the Online Res v5 site

In version 3.102, we added a new feature to add a new information cell at the end of each main time period, Morning / Mid Day / Late Day. These cells will display before the Show More break if more tee times are displayed.


This cell could display a short description for promotional purposes [blurb], which is set up in Online Option’s back-end. This cell could also open a URL when set up to point to external sites.


Note: This does not include the Special Area, the daily deal row at the top.


To set up for the information cell to display

  1. Go to the Online Options site and log in as an admin or with permissions.  

  2. Select Home | Starterhut | Online Booking | Display | Information Cell. The Information Cell screen displays.

  3. Select Add in the top right corner. The Add Cell dialog box displays.

  4. You can customize the following areas in the dialog box:

  • Promotion Title - enter a descriptive title for the cell which does not show to the end user.

  • Course - if applicable, select the course you want this information cell to display. If left blank, the information cell will display on all courses.

  • Body Blurb  - enter up to 100 characters to provide information to your golfers on anything you would like to promote. Notice the  * in the field - this means this field is required.

  • Bottom Label - enter up to 15 characters that will display at the bottom of the cell as a label or the main subject, which is a required (*) field.

  • Cell URL - enter a URL to enable your customer to open a website when they click the information cell. This is an optional field. If left blank, the cell goes nowhere.

    Note: Links added here will open in a new window or tab.

  • Cell Color - (Optional) select a color for the cell. If left blank, the cell defaults to the Theme Editor Primary color.


  1. Select Save. The new information cell will display immediately after the Morning, Mid Day, and Late Day cells.