Editing modifiers in 3.94 CPS Air


To edit modifiers before the item is sent to the kitchen, you use the Item-QTY screen and select the Edit Modifiers button if the item has not already been sent to the remote printer (AKA selected Save Tab).  If the item has already been sent, a pop-up dialog displays stating that you instead void the item.


To edit a modifier

1. In F&B, select your table (it will be red) that has the tab started with the modifier of the item that needs changing.

2. Select the item with the modifier. A pop-up box displays the name of the item at the top.

3. Select Edit Modifier.

4. Do one of the following depending on your situation:

  • If the tab was saved, a message displays. Void this item by entering a 0 at this screen for this item and selecting OK, then re-add the item to the tab.

  • If the tab was not saved, the specific modifier screen displays for you to change. Select the new modifier.

5. If needed, select Next and continue to work with any other modifiers until you can select Finish.