Using the Seat 0 (zero) for misc food and drink items

Seat 0 is used for drinks or items like a shared appetizer before a full food order has been taken. It is a helpful seat that is available for you to add misc items onto the check but still use the seat function as it is intended.

Example: You start a tab for eight people they order all their drinks and an appetizer, you would put that order under seat 0, then you come back and get the food order; this is where you use seats 1-8, and split off the drinks and appetizer.

How to use Seat 0

  1. In F & B, select the table. The number of customers pop-up displays.

  2. Select the number of customers from the pop-up. The screen disappears and the Sales screen displays.

  3. Select the Seat button from the middle of the screen. The Select Seat screen displays

  4. Select 0 (zero) from the Select Seat Screen.



Note: You can add more seat numbers or start taking drink orders under Seat 0.


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