How to Disable the Signature for Gift Card and Credit Card Payment


To have a contact-free method of accepting credit card and gift card payments, you can disable the signature prompt for both of those payment methods by unchecking the Required Signature option in the Payment Methods screen.


To disable the signature for gift cards and credit card payments

To uncheck the Required Signature option in Payment Methods, do the following from your local terminal running POS Express:

  1. In Tools | Options, select Sales Options | Payment Methods. The Payment Methods Setup screen displays.

  2. If you have not set up your credit card or gift cards, do that now. Otherwise double-click your credit card (you may have more than one), or your gift card from the list. The Sale Payment Information screen displays.

  3. Uncheck the Require Signature checkbox.

    Note: Make sure the Enabled box is checked.

  4. Scroll down and click Save. The Payment Methods list displays again.

  5. Repeat this process (steps 1-4) for each type of credit card you have set up.

  6. Back on the iPad, you should re-connect again before attempting to run a credit card without the signature. How?ClosedSelect the menu | Connected | Connect.


When you run the credit card or gift card with no signature, the button reads Accept now. Roll clip>>