How to set up the Open Cash Drawer button in Air

An Open Cash Drawer button is available in the 3.94 version of CPS Air.

This functions the same way it does in POS Express.

To set the Open Cash Drawer up

Note: The button only works if the iPad is paired with a supported printer as the printer will trigger the opening of the drawer.


The option to turn on the Open Cash Drawer button is in the iOs Settings tab in the Options of POS Express.


  1. In Tools | Options, go to Reference Tables | Terminal Information. The Terminal Information screen displays to the right with a list of terminals you have set up.

  2. Double-click the terminal set up for your iPad using CPS Air. The terminal information for your iPad displays under the Terminal Settings tab with an iOS Settings tab to the right of that.

  3. Click the iOS Setting tab to the right of the Terminal Settings tab at the top of the screen. The iOS settings display.

  4. Scroll until you see the Cash Drawer section, then select the Show Open Drawer Button checkbox.

  1. Scroll down again until you see the Save button and click it to save your changes. Now in Air, if no items are currently added to the sale, the Finalize button reads Open Cash Drawer.