Selecting a job classification when clocking in

In version 3.94, you can select a job classification when clocking into CPS Air; this supports those employees with multiple job classifications and wages so that the employee can clock in under the correct job position they are working.

To set up job classifications in POS V3 

  1. Select Tools | Options, then select Employee | Classification. The Classification screen displays.

  2. From the list, double-click the desired job classification to open it up (or create a new one if needed). The Classification screen displays.

  3. Make sure that the Disable Timekeeper (clock in/out) checkbox is NOT selected.

Note: You can check it if you do not want to be required to clock in and out. For example, positions like Accounting or  Administration, may not need to clock in.

  1. Click Save and then Close. Next, you have to link the job classification to the employee in Employee setup along with their rates of pay. See the next topic below to do this.

To assign multiple classifications to an employee

  1. Select Tools | Options, select Employee | Employee Setup.  The Employee Setup screen displays.

  2. Double-click the employee (or create a new one) for whom you would like to give another job classification. The details of that employee display.

  3. You may have to scroll down to the Jobs Classification section, then select all the job classifications that apply to this employee. The Pay Rate pop-up menu displays.

  4. Enter the pay rate for this job and click Submit.

  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select Save.

  6. Click Close.

Note: To see the changes in CPS Air, re-connect.How?ClosedSelect the menu | Connected | Connect.

To clock in using the using a job classification

  1. Open CPS Air on the iPad. The PIN pad displays.

  2. Enter the PIN that has multiple job classifications tied to it. A prompt displays asking if you want to “Clock In?”

  3. Select Clock In. A menu displays with all the job classifications available for this employee:


  1. Select the appropriate job classification. Air opens to the menu items available to this employee, and now you can select the desired module that you want to work in, for example, Sales, Stater Hut or F&B which are located on the left side of the screen

  2. When the shift is over, select the Employee name button at the bottom of the Air menu, then select Clock Out. A Clock Out successful message displays and a prompt to print out the Cash Out Report and Time-Slip. If you select Yes, you can print or email it.

  3. Select Log Off from the side-menu to completely log off Air on this iPad.

Note: You can also review the time in the Timekeeper module of POS Express.