Using multiple courses in Air's Starter Hut

Multiple course functionality is available in Starter Hut of CPS Air. When a site has more than one course, you can show the courses of your choosing on the Starter Hut screen making Starter Hut easier to navigate and use.

Note: There is no setup required for this. If you have multiple courses, the Course Selection box will display the other courses set up in your POS Express.

  1. In Starter Hut, in the top-right part of the screen, select the Course Selection box.

The courses that you have selected will display.


  1. From the list of your courses, select the courses that you want to make available.

Note: To select a different site, in the top-middle part of the window, select the small drop-down arrow to select a different site.

  1. Select Done in the top-right corner. The course(s) you selected are now available in the in an At-A-Glance icon.

Note: If you have just added a template for the course from the Starter Hut on your local-terminal's POS Express, you may have to re-connect your iPad. How?ClosedSelect the menu | Connected | Connect.

  1. Select the At-A-Glance icon from the top-left corner of the iPad screen. The courses that you checked in step 2 above display in columns on the screen.

Note: Selecting anywhere in the column of the course will take you to that course at the time you press.