Using Start Time in the Advance Booking section of Online Lesson Book

You can use a Starting Time in the Advance Booking settings for trainers in the online version of Lesson Book in version 3.94.

If you have a high demand for your lessons or courts, you can use the Starting Time to schedule all your lessons or courts online for a designated time in which your member can start booking.

For example, if you set the time to 8:23 AM and 2 days in advance in the Starting At field and the Days in Advance field respectively, your customers could not book a lesson or a court at 8:22 AM. A pop-up box displays indicating that they have to wait until 8:23 AM, however when the time hits 8:23 AM the bookings will become available.

To set a start time and day for a trainer

This is done by class for your trainer, court, simulator or whatever you are using Lesson Book to schedule for.

  1. Log on as Admin on the online version of Lesson Book.

  2. Select Advanced Booking from the left-hand menu. The Advanced Booking Options screen displays.

  3. Select the trainer or court, etc. from the Instructor drop-down field.

Note: These are set up in the POS Express | Lesson Book | Admin.

  1. If this is the first time you are setting up the class rules for this trainer, click the Apply rules to classes button. The checkboxes of classes display and the rules to apply display at the top.

  2. In the Starting At field enter the time when the booking can start OR you can use the drop-down time menu to adjust the times needed.

  3. In the Days in Advance field, enter how many days in advance the booking can start.

  4. In the No Show Limit field, enter the number of chances the student has before they will be prevented from being able to book a lesson after missing.

  5. In the Max Daily Booking field, enter how many times a student can book a lesson on the same day.

  6. Select all the checkboxes of the classes that apply to this trainer.

Note: If there is a class needed, you’ll need to go back to your local-terminal and use the POS Express in the Options | Reference Tables | Customers Class to add that now.

  1. Select Apply at the bottom of this box

  2. Scroll down to the bottom and select Save.

To edit your start times or days

  1. After this trainer has been set up with start times (and days in advance) for booking, the next time you select this trainer from the Instructor drop-down field, the screen is populated with the classes selected and the corresponding start times.

  1. To select more classes to add to this trainer, select the Use Rules checkbox to the left of the listed class.

  2. Repeat the steps 5-8 above for adding or updating the following fields:

  • Starting At

  • Day in Advance

  • No Show Limit

  • Maximum Daily Booking

  1. Click Save below to save your changes.

Note: You can use the Apply rules to classes button for another a way to make your restrictions a little different based on the customer's class. The default would be like a global setting for all customers, but if you wanted to fine-tune it to specific customer classes, you can.  Once you activate the customer class settings then it becomes available to you on that screen above. That way you can see that you indeed have them set up and they aren't hidden from your view.