Disclaimer section for rainchecks

In StarterHut v3, in version 3.94, a disclaimer section is available for you to be able to add text regarding rainchecks that print to a receipt.

  • The rainchecks section is in the Sales options

  • Rainchecks display by default

  • Includes a section where you can type in your disclaimer and when the option is checked your message would print at the bottom of the rain check. Shoutout to Joe Greene for this suggestion

To set up a raincheck disclaimer

  1. Go to Options [F2] | Sales Options | Rain check. The Rain Check screen displays.

  2. At the bottom of the screen, select the Rain Check Disclaimer checkbox.

  3. In the box below the checkbox, enter your custom raincheck disclaimer message that will display on the customer’s receipt.

  1. Click Save in the lower-right corner of the screen then Close. Next time a raincheck is generated via the Sales screen, the receipt will display the message you typed into the box.