Searching in tee sheet saves previous searches

The Search feature in Starter Hut’s tee sheets preserves the data after a search is completed in version 3.94.

The data is saved in the search so that when another search is made on that same data, you do not have to type the data in again.  For instance, if you are searching for a guest player with a certain member, and you type the member's name in, and search the entire year, you discover and select the first reservation, and you see that they played with other members. Now you want to check another day, you will not have to type everything in again because the last entry remains in the Search bar until it is overwritten.

Gord Courage

To search in Starterhut and search again using other criteria

  1. Go to StarterHut.

  2. In a tee sheet, click the spyglass icon located in the top right part of the screen. The Search Reservation screen displays.

  1. Enter the search criteria needed.

  2. Click GO. The results display at the bottom of the screen if anything was found or the message No data found blinks in red. The search criteria remain on the screen.

  3. If results came back on this search, you can click Close knowing that your search criteria will remain as is until you open this screen again.

  4. To search again using the same criteria, click the spyglass again. The same screen displays with the same checkboxes selected and the dates still the same as the previous search.

Note: The search criteria ONLY remains if the previous search was successful. If the message No data found displayed previously, that search criteria will not remain for the next search.