Sales note added to Sales screen in CPS AIR

In the 3.96 release of  CPS Air, you can now have your notes populate from the Customer module to the Sales screen. This will help to streamline communication between employees and departments in regards to specific customers.

Shout Out: Jackie Watson

To add notes in the Customer module

Whether the note pops up in Sales, F&B, or Starter Hut is dictated by the settings in the Customer module of the POS.

  1. In the POS Express software on your PC terminal, go to the Customer module.

  2. Select the Notes tab in the middle of the screen. The Notes field displays at the bottom of the screen.

  1. To have this note pop-up when selling something to the customer, select the Sales note pop-up checkbox.

  2. Enter your note for this customer in the text box space.

Note: You can format your note using the toolbar above the note text box field. The following are your choices: Bold, Italic, underlined, strikethrough, add color, add date, add a timestamp, and apply a font size to selected text.

  1. Do one of the following to have the note pop-up in the desired module:

  • Select the checkbox for the module that you want this note to pop-up: F&B or Starterhut or All. Then type the note, and if desired, you can add some formatting, a date, or a timestamp using the buttons above the text box field.



  • If you need a different pop-up note on different screens, select the tab then enter the note.




  • If you want to copy the note to one or more of the three modules, enter the note then select the desired module checkbox from the Copy note to section on the right.


  1. Select Apply. The new note takes effect.

  1. Click Save.

  1. Click Exit on the lower-right hand side of the screen to close the Customer module.


The next time you open one of the modules and look up a customer, the note displays as soon as you pull up the customer. This happens in both the POS Express software and CPS Air for the iPad.