Cells highlight based on the amount of time that is entered

In release 3.96, when you are booking a tee time in Starterhut v3, you have the ability to type the number of players and the system will generate that amount of booking cells, instead of using the mouse to select the number of cells.

Shout out: Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club & Shout Out: Michael Blocke

To block off time without using the mouse

  1. Go to StarterHut v3 in the POS Express.

  2. With your built tee sheet, select a cell and click Block button to the right side of the screen. The Block/Unblock window displays.

  3. You can do one of the following to block off time:

    • Enter the start and end time in the respective fields; the number of cells affected updates in the Cells field.


    • Enter the number of cells you want to block off in the Cells field.

  4. [Optional] You can select a color for those times and make any other updates as needed. How would I do that?

  5. Click OK.

Note: Do NOT try to block more cells than available on the tee sheet. If you try to block more cells than available on the tee sheet, the software freezes and then blocks a random tee time within the time frame.