Changing the rain check expiration date

There are times when you need to change the expiration date on a rain check for your customers. Now you can with the 3.96 updates. A button is available to reset the expiry date which unlocks the date field to allow an adjustment.  

Shout out: Bob Paley

To update the user rule so as to be able to edit the rain check expiry date

  1. In Tools | Options | Security | User Rules from the left-hand side. The User Rules screen displays to the right.

  2. Double-click the user who will be given the access to change the rain check’s expiration date.

  3. Select the Change Rain Check Expiration checkbox.

  4. Click Save in the lower-middle of the User Rules screen.

  1. Click Save in the lower-right corner of the screen. Update Completed displays in the lower-left corner of the screen.

  2. Select Close. The screen closes.

Note: You can also password protect enabling or disabling rain checks and giving out duplicate rain checks in Tools | Options | Security | Password Protection by entering a password next to the Enable/Disable Rainchecks and Duplicate Raincheck fields respectively.

BEST PRACTICE: You should close the software and login again for the changes to take place.

To change the expiration date of a rain check

  1. In Inventory, select the Rain Check tab at the top of the screen.

  2. Select the rain check item to the left. The details for this rain check display to the right.

Note: Make sure that an expiration date displays in the Expired Date field. You cannot add a date, only change a date already in that field.

  1. Select the Change Expiration button to unlock the date field to the left.

Note: For those who do not have the user rule selected, the button would be grayed out; it will indicate to the user that it is possible to change the expiry date if they have the level of security to do so.

  1. In the Expired Date field, select the date using the drop-down arrow and calendar or enter the new date into the field.

  1. Select Save at the bottom-middle of the screen. A prompt displays asking if you are sure you want to make the change.

  2. Select Yes.

  3. Select Exit. The rain check item now has a new expiry date.