New keyfield added into the confirmation email for the due date on deposits

A new keyfield was added in release 3.96 for the due date on deposits for the email reminder templates so that your customer knows how long they have to pay based on the due date.

You can make a booking and use the local deposit to accept a deposit for later with an assigned due date, and then an email is sent containing all of the information, including the due date you selected.

How to create an email template with the Deposit Due Date (DEPOSITDUEDATE keyfield)

  1. Go to the Email module. The Email screen displays.

  2. In the Template tab, select the Confirm with Deposit Template from the list or select any email template of your choosing to add the [DEPOSITDUEDATE] keyfield.

  3. Select Edit. That template displays in the Email Preview window.

  1. If the [DEPOSITAMOUNTDUE] is not in the template, select the Keyfield button. A list of keyfields displays to the right.

  2. Scroll through to find it, then click and drag it into the appropriate spot in the template.

  3. Select Save on the bottom right side of the screen.

How to book a local deposit with an assigned due date and email reminder

  1. In StarterHut v3, make the reservation.

  2. Select Accept Deposit to the right for the selected tee time or right-click the reservation and select Accept Deposit. The Accept Deposit screen displays.

  3. Select Later for the payment.

  4. You can enter the payment due date in the Due Date field or select it using the calendar icon.

  5. Make sure the correct template is selected from the Email Template drop-down field at the bottom of the screen.

    Note: To learn how to create or modify this template, jump here >>.

  6. Make any other updates as needed on this screen.

  1. Click OK to finalize the deposit. An email is sent with the date you picked, which populates the [DEPOSITDUEDATE] keyfield.