Online Billing option displays the customer’s expiry date

An option was added in the 3.96 update in the Online Billing module to show an expiry date to customers when they log into their account.

Shout Out: Allison

To set up Online Billing to display the customer expiration date

  1. Open the Online Billing URL in your favorite browser.

  2. Sign in as Administrator.

  3. Select the Show Customer Expiration Date checkbox.

Note: By default, it will not be checked.

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save. The change takes effect immediately.

To see the customer’s expiration date in the customer’s account

  1. The customer would open the Online Billing URL in their favorite browser.

  2. Sign in using the member’s/customer’s email address and password.

  3. Under the Statements tab, in the right-hand column, the expiration date displays in the Customer Expiration Date field.



Note: The expiration date here in Online Billing is pulled from the customer's Expire Date field on their account within the Customer module of POS Express. It is generated by selling an item to them or it is manually entered and checked here:


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