Reassigning an item’s or unit’s store code in stock in the Inventory

When you delete a store code of an inventory item and there are units in stock, you are prompted to reassign the units in stock. Previously to version 3.96,  the item would go into an unassigned store code bin. Tracking this store code makes it easier for you to uncover any related issues. The software also records an item in the Product Transfer Log.

Before this enhancement, there was no record of this and the store code had units in stock that would cause a discrepancy.

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To delete a store code of inventory items

The following procedure requires you to be set up with “inventory by store codes” and then have your inventory items assigned to each of your stores. This is done during your initial set up by a Club Prophet support agent. It doesn’t apply to facilities that are not set up by “inventory by store codes.”


When you first log onto POS Express you will be prompted to select the store that this terminal is assigned to before you proceed:

  1. In Inventory, search for the item code that you want to delete and transfer. The found item displays in the list below the search area.


  1. Select the item, then select the Stores tab near the top of the screen. The Store Management screen displays.

    Note: This tab does not display unless you are set up by store codes.

  2. Select the red X to the left of the store in which you want to delete and transfer products. The Transfer Product pop-up displays.

  1. In the left-hand side From box, the store is highlighted, so you need to select the store code from the To box in which you want to transfer the units in store.

  2. Select the Date checkbox and select a new date if needed.

  3. Enter an amount in the Receive Product field. If you want to transfer all of the items in stock, use the number located at the bottom-left of the From box.

  4. Click Submit. The transfer is complete. The units are transferred to the store you selected.

Note: If you need to transfer more of the same units to a different store, repeat steps 2 to 5 above.

To open the Product Transfer Log Viewer

You may want to see what products have been transferred and to what store. You can run the Product Transfer Log Viewer by doing the following:

  1. Click the View Transfer Log button at the bottom-left of the screen. The Product Transfer Log Displays:


  1. Click the View Report button for a full report that you can view or print.

  2. Click Close when you are done.