Sales Transaction Details by Customer report with a timestamp added to date filter

In version 3.96, a new report is available with the following data:

  • the date and time the sale took place,

  • the item description,

  • the person who made the sale,

  • the sales number.


All of this information is accessible in a single report rather than needing to bounce back and forth between two reports.

Shout out to Roger Marcellus   Altus AFB-Windy Trails GC

To run a Sales Transaction Detail by Customer report

  1. Go to Reports.

  2. Click Report Options in the lower-left part of the screen, select Sales Tran Detail by Customer from the left column and select the > button to move it to the right column, and then select Close. The report is in the On Demand list.

    Note: If you previously moved the report into the OnDemand list or any of the three list types, Daily, Monthly, Yearly, the report will always be available from the list on the left. Select that button at the top left of the screen and find the report in that list.

  1. Select Sales Tran Detail by Customer from the list of reports to the left. The setup screen displays to the right.

  2. Make any selections for the report as needed.

  3. Select the Display button or the Print button to see or print the report as needed.

Example Report