Sending out the description entered in the Email Statement Template to the customers

If you have an email template selected for sending out statements, you are able to type in the Description area so that the description you entered is sent out in the email statement to the customers in the 3.96 release.

Shout out to Kelly Novak @hamptonsgolfclub

To enter a message for the statements to be emailed

  1. Go to Reports.

  2. Select the On Demand button.

  3. Select the Report Option from the lower-left corner. The Report Options screen displays.

  4. Select Statements from the list on the left side, then select the > button to move it to the right side.

  5. Click Close. The Statements selection displays under the OnDemand Reports window.

  6. Select Statements from the OnDemand Reports list.

  7. [Optional] In the Member information section in the Account field, enter a customer account, and make any other needed edits on this screen.

  8. Select the Print button. The Statement Options dialog box displays.

  9. Select the Email Statements radio button from the Billing Notify section.

  10. Select OK. The Email Statement Template window displays.

  11. Select the Edit option in the middle of the screen. The Description box is enabled.

  1. Type in the message in the Description body.

  2. Select Produce Statements.

To send statements using an updated email template

  1. Select Use Template checkbox. The Description body text is grayed out.

  2. Once a template is selected from the drop-down the template information will display in the body

  3. If you need to edit the message, select Edit.  The template displays.

  4. Add any additional information and select Save. All the updated information displays in the email body.

  5. Select Send Email. The Customer receives the statement with the correct Body description selected.

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