Tee sheet blocks highlighted in full color

When blocking cells on your tee sheet, you can display that blocked time with a color of your choosing. Previously those cells were shown as blocked on the tee sheet from the at a glance view only. The X was a visible indicator for the blocking in the actual tee sheet but since the 3.96 update, all of the cells will be highlighted with your desired color.

Contact Name: Michael Block

To turn on the full-color blocks using the regular blocking option

Note: This option will be off by default. Also, the color would correspond to the color option in the setup.

  1. Go to Starter Hut, then select Admin | Settings | Terminal Options. The Manage Options screen displays.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to the Block Options section, and select the Effect on Tee Sheet checkbox.

  3. Make sure the Effective on at glance checkbox is selected.

  4. Select the color from the Color bar drop-down arrow.

Note: To see more colors, select More Colors at the bottom of the color palette. How?ClosedClick the drop-down arrow to display the color palette, then click the desired color, then click anywhere outside the color palette. The new color displays in the rectangle to the left of the drop-down arrow.If your color is not visible or you have a RBG or a Hex value for your desired color, scroll down to the bottom of the color palette and select More Colors. Here you can enter those values in the respective fields or select a color from the colorful palette box above. You can also use the bar at the bottom to hone in one the color needed.

  1. Select Save at the bottom of the screen. You can now go to the tee sheet to block off cells and your blocks will be the color that you have selected.