Updating or sorting your F&B Floor plan

As of 3.96 release, you have the ability to move and order the way your floor/room layout is organized in the F&B screen. This should aid to speed up ordering the way your restaurant is set up for when you may need to move things around from one area to another area.


To use the floor plan sort feature

  1. Go to F&B in your POS Express software. The Table Layout view displays.

  2. At the bottom of the screen, select Setting. The Layout box displays in the top left corner.

  3. Under Layout, click Floor/Room in the left-hand top corner of the screen. The Floor / Room screen displays.

  4. Select the room that you want to move then click the up or down button to the right depending on the order of the floor or room you would like to see under the Floor / Room list in your Table Layout view.

Note: Continue clicking the button to move it further down or up the list as needed.

  1. Click Exit. The Table View displays and your changes can be seen immediately.


To see a video, click hereClosed