Validate Data Entry Different Between Customers and Players

The Validate Data Entry section in Starter Hut v3 distinguishes between Customers and Players in the 3.96 release. This feature can help you with the Guest Tracking feature within Starter Hut, so you can do things like limit the number of guests that can book within a year. Also, this alleviates the time required to enter guest information, which is the same amount of information by default as a new customer registration requires to enter; this is especially helpful for when your course gets busy, and you may not have the time to record the information.

Shout out to Bob Paley & Tim McAuley

To set up to validate data differences between customers and players

In the following steps, you will see a specific example that requires that the customer’s phone number is validated, but not the players. Your needs may vary, so chose what to validate between your players and customers as needed.

  1. Go to StarterHut v3 in POS Express on your local terminal.

  2. Select Admin from the top of the screen, then Settings from the lower-left side of the screen. The Settings menu list displays.

  3. Select Validate Data Entry from the bottom of the Settings list; you may have to scroll down to see it. The Manage Options screen displays to the right.

    Example: Select the Phone Number checkbox under the Customer column but unselect the Phone Number checkbox under the Players column to the screen’s right.

    Note: Select the checkboxes that you want to validate. Above is just an example.

Example: So, if you want to capture who is a guest quickly to track how many times a guest plays in one year, you would check name only. Or, if you need a way to contact the customer, you will check the Phone Number and Email checkbox.

Tip: Less checked means less time it takes to enter the guest’s information.

  1. Scroll down if necessary and click Update All for your changes to take effect.

  2. Select Exit at the top of the screen. Your change s place immediately.

The next time a player wants to golf, the only data required will be what you have selected.


To update validations in Online Res

[screen shot from Gem]


To learn more about validating a customer, see _____________________________