Warning prompt displays when creating an event over an existing booking

With the 3.96 update in Starter Hut v3, when booking events in the same time slot as existing tee times, you are now warned that it will override preexisting tee times. The prompt displays: Cancel, Print, or Continue. This prompt helps to alleviate potential issues of overriding already booked customers.

Selecting Continue grants permissions to overwrite the existing tee times, and selecting Cancel allows you to investigate the conflicts.

Shout out: Todd Moon


  1. In your Starter Hut tee sheet on your local terminal, select the cells for a booking.

  2. Under the General tab on the right-hand side, select Event.

  3. Enter your event details (See the Creating an Event topic for more information), and click OK. The Tee Time Not Available box displays a list of all the tee times that overlap with the event.

  1. Do one of the following based on your needs:

    • Click Cancel to dismiss this event.

    • Click Print Report to print the list of times.

    • Click Continue to cancel the tee times and create the event. The tee sheet displays, and the event replaced the previous booking.

Note: If you selected Continue, the golfers are alerted via email.


BEST PRACTICE: You should reach out to your customer in addition to the email or text notification to explain exactly why their booking time was canceled.