Webstore checkout procedure improved

In the 3.96 release, the Web Store and Moneris have been updated. The checkout screen will look and behave correctly now. Specifically, when entering credit card information, this data will not be lost if going back to view shipping information, etc.        

Shout out: Amy amy@bubbles.ca

To purchase an item from the Web Store as a registered member using a credit card

  1. Go to the Web Store using the URL for the facility’s online store.

  2. Select the Login button.

  3. Enter your email and password and select Sign In.

  4. Search for the item or select it from the home page. Select the quantity if applicable.

  5. Click Add To Cart to begin the purchase process. The Shopping Cart displays. If you haven’t logged in yet, the Sign In screen displays. (See step 2 above).

  6. If you are happy with the information on the Shopping Cart screen, select Proceed to Checkout. The Checkout screen displays the four next steps: Shipping and Billing, Shipping Information, Payment Information, and Confirm Order.

  7. Edit or add the billing address if need be, then select Next.

  8. Select your preferred shipping method, and select Next.

  9. Select the radio button next to the credit card you want to use or click Add credit card and add one now. YOU MUST ENTER A CREDIT CARD to make a Web Store purchase.



  11. Select Next.

  12. Confirm your order by accepting any terms and conditions, then click Place Order.

Note: At any time, you can use the Previous button to go back and make changes without losing your information, including any credit card information you may have started to enter.

You will get a confirmation message that your order was placed and that an email will be sent out soon.