Release Notes 3.102

These updates announce new features, enhancements, and some bug fixes that have been completed with recent releases of the Club Prophet software. The updates in the release notes are organized by product. Some products will not appear in the list because they did not receive a notable update. Club Prophet continually improves upon the products, but only significant updates are described in release notes.


Note: Check back here often to see links to help, directions, explanations and tips for the updates listed below!

Starter Hut v3    

343214    Enhanced the Default Include Note in Confirmation Email checkbox

333732    New option for removing QR code for range item on receipt

345701    Redesigned the Driving Range settings page

344035    Ability to hide or remove the Range Servant Select Interface checkbox

337796    Ability to highlight the PM in rate setup

337705    Applying new-season rates updated

353200    The At-A-Glance view displays colors for the Daily Deals on the tee sheet

337796    Highlighted the PM selection in Starter Hut’s Green Fee Rate Setup screen

345951    Updated the EU's tee sheet to show the number of customers on the waitlist

343214    Updated the Include Note in Confirmation Email checkbox to remember your selection



340603    Added the ability to discount multiple items at once

339984    Added New Batch Payment on Account / Online Billing functionality

342063    Changed how to order receivers in the Virtual Gift Cards list

345156    Enhanced the discontinued Smart Cards process

337484    Enhanced the Gift Card history


337981    Updated the Customer Statement with Details II report

341866    Ability to save criteria on a statement

355227    Added a tax breakout option to the Statement report


334724    Enhanced the AdvancedBookingFee product code in the Inventory module


347717 Able to move items between seats without splitting the check

327897 Hide terminals in the Charge Tip screen

Billing & Online Billing

353037 Periods are permitted in the Address field when adding a card-on-file via Online Billing

356462 Added the ability to change the date of a member-charge transaction within a billing cycle to the transaction editor

359414 Updated the display of the online statements

CPS Air    

349402 Increased the maximum number of Quick Sale buttons in a row to six on the iPad. To learn more, click here>

346941 Adjusted the Quick Sale button setup screen in Online Options of for ease of use. To see how, click here>>

342355 Option to delete unneeded Quick Sale profiles. To see how, click here>>

343994 New Approve button in CPS Air for first time connection. To see how, click here>

349217 Added an Account Number column header to the Transaction View in CPS Air

Credit Card    

340994    Added Moneris Hosted Tokenization

344566    Enhanced our new credit card module (CCMv4)

Online Res v5

355439 Updated the Course drop-down of Online Res v5 with a Select All option

306923 Guest and Unique Player Booking Options

  • To learn how to set up for a Guest of being a unique player, click here>>

  • To learn how to to mark other players as a guest of, click here>>

352580 New Feature: Information Cell. To learn how to set this up, click here>>

358525 Add ability to not save write in players to the database. To learn how, click here>>

352242 New Online Options Dashboard in Online Options. To see more, click here>>

332983 New coupon setup in Online Options

357737 Updated the logic behind the prices displayed when your customer is not logged into Online Res v5. To read more on this, click here>>

361574 Currency symbol support. To learn how to change, click here>>

362524 Date format support. To learn how to update the date, click here>>

331232 Added a phone number to the customer profile in Online Res v5.


337210    Cleaned up Report module

326667    Windows 11 compatibility checked

332318    Enhanced the AutoUpdater