Release Notes

These updates announce new features, enhancements, and some bug fixes that have been completed with recent releases of the Club Prophet software. The updates in the release notes are organized by product. Some products will not appear in the list because they did not receive a notable update. Club Prophet continually improves upon the products, but only significant updates are described in release notes.

Note: Check back here often to see links to help, directions, explanations and tips for the updates listed below!

February 2020 * CPS Air v3.94

New Features in Air


Starter Hut


Food and Beverage

February 2020 * CPS v3.94

New Features

F & B

  • 253941 Added a Seat 0 (zero) for miscellaneous food and drink items

  • 264541 Added an F & B Item lookup screen

  • 260140 Added a Log Off button to the Order screen

Lesson Book

  • 261394 Enabled Online Lesson Book users to see availability before logging in

  • 256921 Added a starting time to the online Advance Booking settings

Online Reservation V4

  • 259971, 256351 & 259969 Enhanced call center support

POS Express V3

  • 261954 Rebranded with new logo and colors


  • 263756 Added a Billing Code Audit report

Starter Hut iOS

  • 256619 Added a Today link to the Calendar drop-down

  • 255609 Added Capacity Pricing support

Starter Hut

  • 258694 Added a search feature in the tee sheet to preserve data when a search is completed

  • 258283 Added a disclaimer section to rain checks

  • 249076 Enhancements to Events tool and Contract Agreements

  • 260266 Golf Genius Integration can import pairings and names to CPS

Web Store

  • 235071 Added functionality to point specific items on the Web Store to use different email templates